Sirenix.Utilities.Editor namespace


Utility class for asset Guid script
Utility functions for Unity assets.
Not yet documented.
Functions for accessing the clipboard.

This class is due to undergo refactoring. Use the new DragAndDropUtilities instead.

Drag and drop utilities for both Unity and non-unity objects.
This class is due to undergo refactoring.
This class is due to undergo refactoring.
Icon for using in editor GUI.
Collection of EditorIcons for use in GUI drawing.
A utility class for getting delta time for the GUI editor.
Collection of extension methods for UnityEngine.Event.
Compare strings and produce a distance score between them.
Collection of extension methods for UnityEditor.GenericMenu.
Emitted wrapper for the internal "UnityEngine.GUIClip" class.
This class is due to undergo refactoring.
A utility class for properly counting frames and helps determine when a frame has started in an editor window.
Various helper function for GUI.
A helper class to control paging of n number of elements in various situations.
The GUITabGroup is a utility class to draw animated tab groups.

A Utility class for creating tables in Unity's editor GUI.

A table can either be created from scratch using new GUITable(xCount,yCount), or created using one of the static GUITable.Create overloads.

See the online documentation, for examples and more information.

A cell of a GUITable
GUITableColumns used creating a table list using GUITable.Create().
A tab page created by GUITabGroup.
Not yet documented.
Lazy loading Editor Icon.
Not yet documented.
Not yet documented.
Use this class to collect all error and warning messages drawn by the GUI.
The Odin Inspector Serialization Debugger Window.
Field drawing functions for various types.
Collection of various editor GUI functions.
Collection of GUIStyles used by Sirenix.
Collection of texture functions.


Asset search helper.
Configuration for progress bar fields.


The various modes of copying an object to the clipboard.
This class is due to undergo refactoring.
This class is due to undergo refactoring.
How the square object field should be aligned.
Draw mode of quaternion fields.

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