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OnValueChangedAttribute class

Namespace: Sirenix.OdinInspector
Assembly: Sirenix.OdinInspector.Attributes
[AttributeUsage(AttributeTargets.Assembly | AttributeTargets.Module | AttributeTargets.Class | AttributeTargets.Struct | AttributeTargets.Enum | AttributeTargets.Constructor | AttributeTargets.Method | AttributeTargets.Property | AttributeTargets.Field | AttributeTargets.Event | AttributeTargets.Interface | AttributeTargets.Parameter | AttributeTargets.Delegate | AttributeTargets.ReturnValue | AttributeTargets.GenericParameter | AttributeTargets.All, AllowMultiple = true, Inherited = true)]
public sealed class OnValueChangedAttribute : Attribute, _Attribute

OnValueChanged works on properties and fields, and calls the specified function whenever the value has been changed via the inspector.

  • System.Object
  • System.Attribute
  • OnValueChangedAttribute


Note that this attribute only works in the editor! Properties changed by script will not call the function.


The following example shows how OnValueChanged is used to provide a callback for a property.

public class MyComponent : MonoBehaviour
	public int MyInt;

	private void MyCallback()
		// ..

The following example show how OnValueChanged can be used to get a component from a prefab property.

public class MyComponent : MonoBehaviour
	public GameObject MyPrefab;

	// RigidBody component of MyPrefab.
	[SerializeField, HideInInspector]
	private RigidBody myPrefabRigidbody;

	private void OnPrefabChange()
		if(MyPrefab != null)
			myPrefabRigidbody = MyPrefab.GetComponent<Rigidbody>();
			myPrefabRigidbody = null;


OnValueChangedAttribute(String, Boolean)
Adds a callback for when the property's value is changed.
public OnValueChangedAttribute(string methodName, bool includeChildren = false)
System.String methodName

Name of the method.

System.Boolean includeChildren

Whether to invoke the method when a child value of the property is changed.


Whether to invoke the method when a child value of the property is changed.
public bool IncludeChildren
Name of callback member function.
public string MethodName

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