AOTSupportUtilities class

Namespace: Sirenix.Serialization.Editor
Assembly: Sirenix.Serialization
public static class AOTSupportUtilities
  • System.Object
  • AOTSupportUtilities


GenerateDLL(String, String, List<Type>, Boolean)
Generates an AOT DLL, using the given parameters.
public static void GenerateDLL(string dirPath, string assemblyName, List<Type> supportSerializedTypes, bool generateLinkXml = true)
System.String dirPath

System.String assemblyName

System.Collections.Generic.List<System.Type> supportSerializedTypes

System.Boolean generateLinkXml

ScanProjectForSerializedTypes(out List<Type>, Boolean, Boolean, Boolean, Boolean, List<String>, Boolean)
Scans the project's build scenes and resources, plus their dependencies, for serialized types to support. Progress bars are shown during the scan.
public static bool ScanProjectForSerializedTypes(out List<Type> serializedTypes, bool scanBuildScenes = true, bool scanAllAssetBundles = true, bool scanPreloadedAssets = true, bool scanResources = true, List<string> resourcesToScan = null, bool scanAddressables = true)
System.Collections.Generic.List<System.Type> serializedTypes

The serialized types to support.

System.Boolean scanBuildScenes

Whether to scan the project's build scenes.

System.Boolean scanAllAssetBundles

Whether to scan all the project's asset bundles.

System.Boolean scanPreloadedAssets

Whether to scan the project's preloaded assets.

System.Boolean scanResources

Whether to scan the project's resources.

System.Collections.Generic.List<System.String> resourcesToScan

An optional list of the resource paths to scan. Only has an effect if the scanResources argument is true. All the resources will be scanned if null.

System.Boolean scanAddressables


true if the scan succeeded, false if the scan failed or was cancelled