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ScriptableObject Creator

Page Slider Attribute

Design Variables


ListItemSelector attribute - Easily select items in lists

Multi-Tag System

JSON Deserialization Tester

Color Picker


Data Serializer

Required On Scene Attribute

Odin Watch Window

Build Pipeline Automation

OrderRelativeToAttribute - Easily adjust property order for properties.

LayerMask Drawer

Serializing references to Scriptable Objects at runtime


Tranzmit - An Event System with Visual Feedback and Multi Level Error Checking

AllRequiredValidator - make all serialized reference object types required by default

MiniValidationDrawer - Make errors and warnings in the inspector prettier

Inline attributes - Inlining attributes to quickly simplify complicated objects in the inspector

Box Attributes - Simple attributes to more easily differentiate objects

Prefab Override Drawer

SizedFoldoutGroup for Odin Inspector

Nested Scriptable Object Attributes (Field and List)

Asset Organizer

List as String

Toggle Buttons Attribute

Tag attribute

Shader Property ID Attribute

Resolved Parameters Overview Window

Inline Partial - for keeping foldout menu while having immidiete fields without opening foldout

Easy point based collider creator using Odin

DisableInPrefabVariants Attribute


Tooltips as compact help boxes

FMOD Support

Subclass Selector

Compact Tab Group

Quickly Open Pre-defined scene assets

Unflag enum

Odin VFX Properties dropdown

AnimatorController Parameter Utility Window

DateTime and TimeSpan Drawers

Keep Repainting

Log Range Slider