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Tranzmit - An Event System with Visual Feedback and Multi Level Error Checking

Authored by Paul
Shared 16-07-2020


Unity 3D Event system that uses the new Experimental Unity GraphView, allowing visualization of the flow of event data.


I love Event Driven Architectures (EDA). It makes for nice, decoupled code. But I am not a fan of how ambiguous the relationships between scripts can be. Enter Tranzmit, a fully functional, object based (send anything!) event system... with a twist!

Main Features

  • Multi level error checking
  • Real time visual feedback
  • Various code examples
  • Send any object
  • Minimal coding required
  • Clean Interface power by Odin Inspector
  • Multi platform
  • Zero Garbage Collection when ran as compiled EXE (as far as my tests show!)

Leveraging the new, and still experimental Unity GraphView API, along with the power of Odin Inspector, you can also see in real time which scripts are sending events, and which scripts are listening, receiving ...and failing! Clicking on graph elements takes you to the scripts, acting as a navigation system for your code!

NOTE - Graph will not be operational until an Event has been added.

I hope this proves useful to someone, and if you have any comments or improvements regarding this code, please do so! :)


Find it here