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Design Variables

Authored by Lucas
Shared 28-06-2019

Design Variables is an easy to use centralized design editor. It is a window where you can see and edit all your design variables from all prefabs, scriptable objects and even scriptable objects within scriptable objects.

It has filtering and some preferences, but not much more. It is meant to be fast, simple and reliable.

Works with Unity 2018! Works with the new prefab workflow.

Design Variables is an asset MADE WITH ODIN. This means this asset requires you to have the ODIN INSPECTOR asset.

In order to use this asset you just have to tag which variables you want to see in the design variables window. To tag those you add the [DesignVariable] attribute to your variable:

public float playerHealth = 0; 

All prefabs that contain the script will be automatically scanned and will show in your design variable window.

If you need any help, contact us at:

Check it out in the asset store: Design Variables