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Keep Repainting

Authored by Frantasad
Shared 08-05-2024

Attribute to keep repainting editor Get code on Github.


  • Unity repaints properties only when hovering over editor or when the target object is set dirty.
  • This attribute allows you to manually request repaint for properties.
  • Because unity always repaints the whole editor, only the smallest interval within the editor's property tree will apply.
  • Repaints are scheduled only if the property was not repainted at the specified interval so no worries, the are no redundant calls.


  • RepaintInterval - How often should editor repaint, defaults to 0.5s, repaints every frame if set to 0
  • RepaintEditorMode - Repaint in editmode, playmode or both, defaults to both
  • RepaintIf - Optionally you can specify the repaint condition


private bool _DisableRepainting;

[KeepRepainting(EditorMode.Both, 0.3f, RepaintIf = "@_DisableRepainting == false")]
private float Timer => Time.realtimeSinceStartup;