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SizedFoldoutGroup for Odin Inspector

Authored by Randall
Shared 12-02-2021

A FoldoutGroup extension that supports multiline headers and RichText allowing you to use Unity's RichText inline.

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public class SomeScriptableObject : ScriptableObject
    // A SizedFoldoutGroup with color
    [SizedFoldoutGroup("$SomeString", 0.87f, 0f, 0.97f)]
    public int SomeInt;

    // A Default color sized foldout group.
    [SizedFoldoutGroup("This String is a Good Boy\nPlease believe me.")]
    public int SomeOtherInt;

    public string SomeString = "<b>MultiLine is Okay</b>\nDon't believe me? You can ask my wife.";