NullableFormatter<T> class

Namespace: Sirenix.Serialization
Assembly: Sirenix.Serialization
public sealed class NullableFormatter<T> : BaseFormatter<T? >, IFormatter<T? >, IFormatter where T : struct
Formatter for all System.Nullable<T> types.
  • System.Object
  • BaseFormatter<System.Nullable<T>>
  • NullableFormatter<T>

Type Parameters


The type that is nullable.


Creates a new instance of NullableFormatter<T>.
public NullableFormatter()


DeserializeImplementation(ref Nullable<T>, IDataReader)
Provides the actual implementation for deserializing a value of type .
protected override void DeserializeImplementation(ref T? value, IDataReader reader)
System.Nullable<T> value

The uninitialized value to serialize into. This value will have been created earlier using OdinSerializer.BaseFormatter`1.GetUninitializedObject.

Sirenix.Serialization.IDataReader reader

The reader to deserialize with.

SerializeImplementation(ref Nullable<T>, IDataWriter)
Provides the actual implementation for serializing a value of type .
protected override void SerializeImplementation(ref T? value, IDataWriter writer)
System.Nullable<T> value

The value to serialize.

Sirenix.Serialization.IDataWriter writer

The writer to serialize with.

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