Text Area Attribute

Unity attribute to make a string be edited with a height-flexible and scrollable text area. You can specify the minimum and maximum lines for the TextArea, and the field will expand according to the size of the text. A scrollbar will appear if the text is bigger than the area available. Note: The maximum lines refers to the maximum size of the TextArea. There is no maximum to the number of lines entered by the user.

// Unity's TextArea and Multiline attributes and Odin's MultiLineProperty attribute
// are all very similar.
// TextArea specifies a minimum and maximum number of lines. It will display at least
// the minimum number of lines, but will expand with its content up to the maximum
// number of lines, and display a scrollbar past that.
// Multiline and MultiLineProperty are given a precise number of lines to occupy and
// will never contract or expand based on contents; instead they display a scrollbar
// if the content does not fit into the given number of lines.
// Finally, unlike Multiline, Odin's MultiLineProperty can be applied to any member
// type including fields, properties, method arguments, types, and so on.

[TextArea(4, 10)]
public string UnityTextAreaField = "";

public string UnityMultilineField = "";

[Title("Wide Multiline Text Field", bold: false)]
public string WideMultilineTextField = "";

[InfoBox("Odin supports properties, but Unity's own Multiline attribute only works on fields.")]
public string OdinMultilineProperty { get; set; }