Hide Mono Script Attribute

Apply HideMonoScript to your class to prevent the Script property from being shown in the inspector.

[InfoBox("Click the pencil icon to open new inspector for these fields.")]
public HideMonoScriptScriptableObject Hidden;

// The script will also be hidden for the ShowMonoScript object if MonoScripts are hidden globally.
public ShowMonoScriptScriptableObject Shown;

private void CreateData()
    Hidden = ExampleHelper.GetScriptableObject<HideMonoScriptScriptableObject>("Hidden");
    Shown = ExampleHelper.GetScriptableObject<ShowMonoScriptScriptableObject>("Shown");

private void CleanupData()
    if (Hidden != null) Object.DestroyImmediate(Hidden);
    if (Shown != null) Object.DestroyImmediate(Shown);