Tab Group Attribute

TabGroup is used on any property, and organizes properties into different tabs. Use this to organize different value to make a clean and easy to use inspector.

public string playerName1;
public int playerLevel1;
public string playerClass1;

public int strength1;
public int dexterity1;
public int intelligence1;

public bool hasMainQuest1;
public int mainQuestProgress1;
public bool hasSideQuest1;
public int sideQuestProgress1;

[TabGroup("tab2", "General", SdfIconType.ImageAlt, TextColor = "green")]
public string playerName2;
[TabGroup("tab2", "General")]
public int playerLevel2;
[TabGroup("tab2", "General")]
public string playerClass2;

[TabGroup("tab2", "Stats", SdfIconType.BarChartLineFill, TextColor = "blue")]
public int strength2;
[TabGroup("tab2", "Stats")]
public int dexterity2;
[TabGroup("tab2", "Stats")]
public int intelligence2;

[TabGroup("tab2", "Quests", SdfIconType.Question, TextColor = "@questColor", TabName = "")]
public bool hasMainQuest2;

[TabGroup("tab2", "Quests")]
public Color questColor = new Color(1, 0.5f, 0);

[TabGroup("shrink tabs", "World Map", SdfIconType.Map, TextColor = "orange", TabLayouting = TabLayouting.Shrink)]
[TabGroup("shrink tabs", "Character", SdfIconType.PersonFill, TextColor = "orange")]
[TabGroup("shrink tabs", "Wand", SdfIconType.Magic, TextColor = "red")]
[TabGroup("shrink tabs", "Abilities", TextColor = "green")]
[TabGroup("shrink tabs", "Missions", SdfIconType.ExclamationSquareFill, TextColor = "yellow")]
[TabGroup("shrink tabs", "Collection 1", TextColor = "blue")]
[TabGroup("shrink tabs", "Collection 2", TextColor = "blue")]
[TabGroup("shrink tabs", "Collection 3", TextColor = "blue")]
[TabGroup("shrink tabs", "Collection 4", TextColor = "blue")]
[TabGroup("shrink tabs", "Settings", SdfIconType.GearFill, TextColor = "grey")]
[TabGroup("shrink tabs", "Guide", SdfIconType.QuestionSquareFill, TextColor = "blue")]
public float a, b, c, d;

[TabGroup("multi row", "World Map", SdfIconType.Map, TextColor = "orange", TabLayouting = TabLayouting.MultiRow)]
[TabGroup("multi row", "Character", SdfIconType.PersonFill, TextColor = "orange")]
[TabGroup("multi row", "Wand", SdfIconType.Magic, TextColor = "red")]
[TabGroup("multi row", "Abilities", TextColor = "green")]
[TabGroup("multi row", "Missions", SdfIconType.ExclamationSquareFill, TextColor = "yellow")]
[TabGroup("multi row", "Collection 1", TextColor = "blue")]
[TabGroup("multi row", "Collection 2", TextColor = "blue")]
[TabGroup("multi row", "Collection 3", TextColor = "blue")]
[TabGroup("multi row", "Collection 4", TextColor = "blue")]
[TabGroup("multi row", "Settings", SdfIconType.GearFill, TextColor = "grey")]
[TabGroup("multi row", "Guide", SdfIconType.QuestionSquareFill, TextColor = "blue")]
public float e, f, g, h;

public class MyTabObject
    public int A;
    public int B;
    public int C;

[HorizontalGroup("Tabs/Split", Width = 0.5f)]
[TabGroup("Tabs/Split/Parameters", "A")]
public string NameA, NameB, NameC;

[TabGroup("Tabs/Split/Parameters", "B")]
public int ValueA, ValueB, ValueC;

[TabGroup("Tabs/Split/Buttons", "Responsive")]
public void Hello() { }

public void World() { }

public void And() { }

public void Such() { }

[TabGroup("Tabs/Split/Buttons", "More Tabs")]
[TabGroup("Tabs/Split/Buttons/More Tabs/SubTabGroup", "A")]
public void SubButtonA() { }

[TabGroup("Tabs/Split/Buttons/More Tabs/SubTabGroup", "A")]
public void SubButtonB() { }

[TabGroup("Tabs/Split/Buttons/More Tabs/SubTabGroup", "B")]
public void SubButtonC() { }