Suffix Label Attribute

The SuffixLabel attribute draws a label at the end of a property. Use this for conveying intend about a property. Is the distance measured in meters, kilometers, or in light years?. Is the angle measured in degrees or radians? Using SuffixLabel, you can place a neat label at the end of a property, to clearly indicate how the the property is used.

public GameObject GameObject;

    "Using the Overlay property, the suffix label will be drawn on top of the property instead of behind it.\n" +
    "Use this for a neat inline look.")]
[SuffixLabel("ms", Overlay = true)]
public float Speed;

[SuffixLabel("radians", Overlay = true)]
public float Angle;

[InfoBox("The Suffix attribute also supports referencing a member string field, property, or method by using $.")]
[SuffixLabel("$Suffix", Overlay = true)]
public string Suffix = "Dynamic suffix label";

[InfoBox("The Suffix attribute also supports expressions by using @.")]
[SuffixLabel("@DateTime.Now.ToString(\"HH:mm:ss\")", true)]
public string Expression;

[SuffixLabel("Suffix with icon", SdfIconType.HeartFill)]
public string IconAndText1;

public string OnlyIcon1;

[SuffixLabel("Suffix with icon", SdfIconType.HeartFill, Overlay = true)]
public string IconAndText2;

[SuffixLabel(SdfIconType.HeartFill, Overlay = true)]
public string OnlyIcon2;