Odin Validation Profiles explained

When you open the Odin Project Validator Window from Tools > Odin Project Validator, the first thing you'll see is a list of all validation profiles that come with the validator by default. These are automatically generated the first time you open the validator window. Each validation profile is a scriptable object, stored in Sirenix/Odin Validator/Editor/Config/.

All of these profiles can be modified, renamed or removed to suit your needs, and you can always reset everything back to the default set of profiles. All this can be done through the Manage Profiles button.

The default validation profiles are listed below.

Validation Profile Configuration Description
Scan entire project Scans all prefabs, scriptable objects and scenes your project.
Scan all assets Scans all prefabs and scriptable objects in your project.
Scan all scenes Scans all scenes in your project, without going through scene asset dependencies.
Scan Open Scenes Scans all open scenes, without going through scene asset dependencies.
Scan scenes from build options Scans all scenes from build options, including scene asset dependencies.

Built-in Validation Profiles

All of the default validation profiles are made up of 3 different types of validation profiles: the Asset Validation Profile, the Scene Validation profile, and the Collection Validation Profile.

Asset Validation Profile

Configuration Description
Search Filters Specify which types of assets should be scanned, such as t:ScriptableObject, t:Prefab and t:Material
AssetPaths Specify which paths should be included. All assets that match the filters will be included. You can also specify individual file paths.
AssetReferences This lets you drag in individual asset references to scan, so you don't have to worry about where they are located.
ExcludeAssetPaths This lets you specify entire folders or individual files which should be excluded.
ExcludeAssetReferences This lets you specify individual asset references which should be excluded.

Scene Validation Profile

Configuration Description
Scene Paths Specifyng a folder path will include all scenes located within that folder. You can also specify paths to individual scenes.
Exclude Scene Paths Specifyng a folder path will exclude all scenes located within that folder. You can also exclude individual scene paths.
Include Scenes From Build Options Includes all active scenes listed in the current build options.
Include Open Scenes Scan all currently open scenes.
Include Asset Dependencies Enabling this will locate the asset dependencies of all scanned scenes and validate those as well.

Validation Collection Profile

Lets you combine multiple validation profiles together in a single profile.
Configuration Description
Profiles A list of Validation Profiles to run

Further information

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