Inviting a license manager to your organization

  • All license management features are only relevant for enterprise customers with enterprise licenses.
  • Odin DRM is optional, and is only here to help you manage your seats. If you choose to enable Odin DRM, we can let you know whenever additional licenses are needed, and you can safely scale without worrying about compliance.
  • Odin DRM will never prevent Odin from working on any machine, ever. If additional licenses are needed this will be visible on the target machine, but Odin will continue to function under all circumstances.

If you have a person in charge of Odin licenses who does not require a license themselves, you can invite them to your organization by using the send email invitation form and leaving the auto-distribute licenses option unchecked. Once the invitation has been accepted, navigate to the members tab, locate the member, and make them an admin.

Organization admins will not count towards the organization's required licenses in the compliance calculation unless that person manually has a license assigned to them, or they generate a machine claim from within Unity by logging into their account during activation of the Odin DRM enabled build.