Avoiding Unity's Infinite Depth Warning

By default, Unity doesn't support serializing references, polymorphism, or null values. This means they need to protect themselves against infinite depth serialization loops, where a type contains a value of its own type. They scan for types they might serialize, that contain themselves, and then give you a warning in the console.

Odin, however, does support serializing references, polymorphism, and null values, and Unity's warning can be quite inconvenient to get rid of. We have introduced a work-around to get rid of it, while still telling Odin to serialize the value. It is not pretty, but it is quite simple, and it works.

There is a special case introduced: if a member is marked with both the NonSerialized and OdinSerialize attributes, the member will be serialized by Odin. This means that Unity will pass your self-referential member by, but Odin will still find it and serialize it.

This website is brand new and built with the Odin 2.1 beta in mind. This means you might discover some features such as attribute expressions that are only available in the beta.

You can download the 2.1 beta from here and read the patch-notes here.