Invite members to your organization and assign licenses

  • All license management features are only relevant for enterprise customers with enterprise licenses.
  • Odin DRM is optional, and is only here to help you manage your seats. If you choose to enable Odin DRM, we can let you know whenever additional licenses are needed, and you can safely scale without worrying about compliance.
  • Odin DRM will never prevent Odin from working on any machine, ever. If additional licenses are needed this will be visible on the target machine, but Odin will continue to function under all circumstances.

Members can join your organization in a couple of different ways:

1) Send email invitations

You can invite members to your organization by inviting them using their email address. This will send them instructions with how to create an online account which can also grant them access to the Enterprise Support channel on Discord.

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2. Automatically assign licenses to team members

You can also use the Odin DRM enabled build. This lets your members activate Odin from within Unity without creating online accounts or having a license on hand. You'll be able go get an overview of how many machines uses Odin in your organization member settings.

This can be helpful to automatically figure out how many on your team use Odin.

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3. Assign a specific license to a single user

Additionally, you can also directly assign a license to a user.

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4. Invite organization managers and administrators

You can add organization administrators who can manage licenses but do not count toward license requirements unless they actively claim a license for themselves.

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