Odin Inspector Version

Upgrade / Install Notes

We've implemented a new getting started guide to help you get going. It will pop-up automatically when you first import Odin. The wizard itself is a scriptable object located in the Plugins/Sirenix/ folder if you want to find it again at a later time.

  • We've implemented a new Odin Upgrader that will make your update experience to straightforward and painless. It will delete files that are no longer being used, and delete it self once it is done.

  • Icons are now embedded in the source-code, which means there is no longer a sprite-sheet filled with icons that annoys you in Unity's asset selector window.

  • All demos are now located in separate Unity packages, which needs to be imported. This can be easily achieved in the new getting started wizard, which gives you an overview of all availble demos.

    This was done so we more easily can modify and add demos over time, without cluttering up your project with unnecessary code. This window will pop up when you Import Odin.

  • Unity 2018.1 Support

    Changes in the new Unity version broke a few things in Odin, but this has been addressed and Odin now officially supports Unity 2018.1.

  • Odin Editor Windows

    The long awaited editor window features are finally here!

    • You can now use Odin to rapidly create custom Editor Windows to help organize your project and game data. Make sure to check out the examples!

    • Inherit from OdinEditorWindow instead of EditorWindow. This will enable you to render fields, properties and methods and make editor windows using attributes, without writing any custom editor code. This features was also there before, but it is now drastically improved.

    • Odin Editor Windows are not limited to drawing themselves; you can override GetTarget() or GetTargets() to make them display scriptable objects, components or any arbitrary types (except value types like structs).

    • Derive from OdinMenuEditorWindow to create windows that inspect a custom tree of target objects, with automatic support for multiselection and more. These are great for organizing your project neatly, and escaping the confusing, massive project view hierarchy that often exists in very large projects. For example, Odin itself uses one of these to draw its preferences window.

    • You can call OdinEditorWindow.InspectObject(myObj) to quickly pop up an editor window for any given object. This is a great way to quickly debug objects or make custom editor windows on the spot!

  • Object Field Enhancements

    Clicking the inspect object pen opens a new inspector window for you right where you need it. Now you can also right click the pen, to open a pop-up style inspector that will close itself when it loses focus.

  • Organized Attributes Overview

    We have a lot of attributes by now, and it was getting hard to find the examples you needed in the attributes demo overview scene. We've organized the scene to provide a better overview.

  • Referencing members using the $ sign in attributes such as LabelText, Title, FoldoutGroup etc. is no longer restricted to only members that return a string. ToString() is now used on non-string values.

New Attributes

  • Added a new PreviewField attribute that draws the assigned object with a preview.
    • Hold Ctrl + Click = Delete Instance
    • Drag and drop = Move / Swap.
    • Ctrl + Drag = Replace.
    • Ctrl + drag and drop = Move and override.
    You can customize the default behaviour of the PreviewField attribute in Odin's preferences window.
  • Added a new EnumPaging attribute that draws an enum with next and previous buttons, so you can quickly change the selected value.


  • Deleted the Placeable Objects Demo, as it was slightly off-topic for Odin, and some people were misunderstanding its purpose and actually using it as an object placer, which was never intended to be an actual supported "feature" included in Odin. We will eventually add a new, better demo that fulfills the same purpose without causing such confusion.
  • Both FilePath and FolderPath attributes should now have much more consistent behaviour.
  • Deleted Readme.txt which is replaced with the new getting started wizard.
  • Removed varius APIs that have been marked obsolete for a while.
  • Sprite members are now drawn in the same way as Unity regularly does it. Use the new [PreviewField] attribute to get a thumbnail-style preview.
  • You can now create instances of all non-abstract types using the instance creator dropdown window. Types with no default constructors will be instantiated without any constructors being called, using FormatterServices.GetUninitializedObject.
  • Made the documentation for the ShowInInspector attribute more clear about the attribute not causing anything to be serialized.
  • Removed unessesary null check in EnumDrawer.
  • Giving StringMemberHelper a $ without a name will now return the name of the instance instead of giving errors.
  • Made SirenixEditorConfigAttribute, EditorGlobalConfigAttribute obsolete in favor of the new Odin Editor Windows.
  • Increased the default animation speed of Tabs.
  • The "Open in new inspector" pen icon drawn next to object-fields are now drawn inside the object fields instead.
  • ValueDropDownItem is now a struct instead of a class.
  • ValueDropDowns no longer automatically change the value when an invalid value is present. Bitbucket issue 251
  • Renamed AssemblyUtilities.GetType to AssemblyUtilities.GetTypeByCachedFullName, to indicate what the method actually does.
  • Fix a bug where the overflow property in DisplayAsString would have the opposite effect.
  • Tables now automatically adjust label widths inside columns. This fixes those issues where the content of columns would extend beyond the column width.
  • Tweaks to HideIf attribute documentation.
  • Odin editors now always request a repaint on mouse move to get persistent mouse over effects.
  • Embedded all icon sprite data into Sirenix.OdinInspector.Editor.dll - The icon sprite sheet is no longer being used, and will be deleted when you upgrade. This also enabled us to fix some issues where icons would be rendered too darkly when the project was using linear color space.
  • Made som changes to TextureUtilities.
  • Decreased the depth limit in UnitySerializationUtility.CreateDefaultUnityInitializedObject, so that Unity-serialized cycles will result in less objects being inadvertently created.
  • Improved UI graphics for EnumToggleButtons, Lists, Dictionaries, AssetList etc..
  • List elements are now only draggable via the drag handle. Bitbucket issue 257
  • Made UnityEditorEventUtility public
  • ExcludeDataFromInspectorAttribute is now marked Obsolete. Unity's HideInInspector attribute now also results in the property being entirely excluded from the property tree.
  • Reference Drawer now gives you a simpler reference path name.
  • Specifying negative values in LabelWidth now subtracts from the current label width, instead of doing nothing.
  • Changed various type lookups across Odin, that were earlier using AssemblyUtilities.GetType (now AssemblyUtilities.GetTypeByCachedFullName) in situations where that lookup might fail.

Minor Additions

  • Added Unity Folder icon to EditorIcons
  • Added Eye Dropper icon to EditorIcons
  • Added Odin Inspector Logo to EditorIcons
  • Added Pause icon to EditorIcons
  • Added FilePathField to SirenixEditorFields
  • Added FolderPathField to SirenixEditorFields
  • Added two new Dropdown overloads to SirenixEditorFields
  • Added ShowInInlineEditors attribute to match HideInInlineEditors
  • Added parameterless constructor to the VerticalGroup attribute
  • Added allowSceneObjects overloads to DragAndDropUtilities.


  • Fixed a bug in serialization that was introduced in patch, that would cause all but the first serialized dictionary with the same comparer instance to become null upon deserialization. This fix is backwards compatible with dictionary data saved both before and in patch - all dictionary data will be deserialized properly, regardless of the nature of the saved comparer data. We apologize deeply for this inconvenience, and promise to do better in the future.

  • Odin now correctly guesses that Unity will not serialize lists of lists and arrays of lists.
  • Odin now correctly guesses that Unity will not serialize types derived from List<T>.
  • Odin now correctly guesses that Unity will not serialize [Serializable] classes and structs defined in mscorlib, unless they are primitives, enums or strings.
  • Fixed issue where an unexpected serialized boxed primitive type would cause a serialization exception when being eligible to be cast to an expected member type with an implicit or explicit cast operator defined for the primitive type, causing the value to be lost instead of cast to the expected type.
  • Fixed possible infinite recursion when correcting Unity-serialized null values, and encountering recursion of a serialized type (prompting Unity's infinite depth serialization limit errors to also appear). Odin now detects this recursion as it happens, and aborts null value correction while displaying an appropriate error message.
  • Fixed error where Odin's inspector system mistakenly always had properties inherit the serialization backend of the parent property, causing non-serialized nested members to be mistakenly marked with the same serialization backend as their serialized root members. This accidentally caused prefab modifications to be registered for non-serialized members, when those members were nested in Odin-serialized root members.
  • Fixed error where value entries representing Unity-serialized UnityEngine.Object references would never update on UnityEngine.Object polymorphism, and thus would fail to find the exact, correct drawers in case of said polymorphism.
  • Fixed issue where colors drawn with the [ColorUsage] attribute on them would still use Unity's own Color copy paste, which would not work correctly with Odin. Odin now blocks Unity's copy paste dropdown on colors drawn with [ColorUsage]. For those who once used [DrawWithUnity] to make the [ColorUsage] attribute work, they can now remove that attribute, as Odin's ColorUsageDrawer now works fine.
  • Color32's right-click context menu now works.
  • Color and Color32 values can now be copy pasted into each other and will work correctly.
  • Added ColorUsage32AttributeDrawer, which makes the ColorUsage attribute also work on Color32 values.
  • Fixed a bug where the FolderPath attribute sometimes would throw errors while dragging non asset unity objects.
  • Fixed an issue where FolderPath attribute would throw a null reference exception when clicking the select folder button, when a parent path was specified. Bitbucket issue 262.
  • Fixed issues with FolderPath and FilePath attributes would not always open the correct folder. Bitbucket 238.
  • Fixed an issue where the open folder button could not be clicked when the field was disabled.
  • Fixed a bug where Odin was rendering the Object thumbnail field pen icon over regular non-thumbnail object fields sometimes.
  • Fixed a bug where DisplayAsString didn't respect indent levels when label was hidden.
  • Fixed a bug where the ProgressBar allocating unnecessary horizontal space when no label was being drawn.
  • Fixed a bug where dragging files or folders from the project window to a member with the FolderPath attribute had no effect.
  • Fixed a bug with InfoBox and DetailedInfoBox where the changing the IsVisible state would sometimes show an error in the console.
  • Fixed case where Dictionary value/key rendering for the add key area would not render properly if key or value were of a type that might be serialized by Unity.
  • Horizontal groups no longer flicker in the first frame if there is no width defined as percentage. The amount of flicker is also reduced if only one percentage is defined.
  • Fixed a bug where drag and drop of unity-type objects in two-dimentional tables didn't work.
  • Fixed a bug where StringMemberHelper would cause errors if used outside Unity's GUI context.
  • Fixed issue where Unity would not mark ScriptableObjects dirty when Undo changes and modifications were recorded on them. This was causing value changes triggered indirectly by things such as buttons being clicked to not be registered, and not mark the object dirty properly.
  • Fixed a bug where GUIHelper.PushHierachyMode would push the wrong label width.
  • Fixed a bug in EmitUtilities where CreateStaticPropertyGetter forgot to box the return value when the property is a value type, and T is of type object.
  • Fixed a few potential bugs in DragAndDropUtilities, and added DragAndDropUtilities.IsDragging
  • Fixed a bug where various fields in SirenixEditorFields would have an uncessesarry minimum horizontal width when no label was provided.
  • Fixed a bug where a null reference exception could be thrown in SirenixEditorFields.Dropdow<T>.
  • Simplified RectExtensions.Split and made it no longer cast values to ints, which in turn also fixed a lot of UI flickering issues that were especially noticeable when resizing windows.
  • DragAndDrop utilities now respects EditorGUI.showMixedValue.
  • Pushing and popping the HierachyMode via GUIHelper now properly preserves the LabelWidth - This fixes the label width issues with tab groups.
  • Fixed issue where a non-flag enum dropdown would not display the selected value.
  • Fixed a bug in newer Unity versions where LazyEditorIcon was unable to find the type UnityEngine.ImageConversion, and was therefore unable to load icon images.
  • TypeExtensions.GetAllMembers now only returns members declared on the given type when IsDeclaredOnly is used.
  • The Show Index Labels option in the General drawer preferences is now persisted properly, and no longer resets to the default value upon reload.
  • Fixed case where default field initializer values in classes would become lost when adding elements to lists and arrays of those classes.
  • Fixed bug where System.Tuple support would break on Unity 2017.2 and up, because for some reason the System.Tuple implementation and interface naming scheme changed from 2017.1.
  • UnityEvents and custom UnityEvent types (that are marked serializable) can now be drawn anywhere, in any context, even when not serialized by Unity.
  • When Odin is drawing within a GUI.Window, it will no longer randomly lose its focus. This bug was fixed by replacing all GUI.FocusControl(null) calls with the new method called GUIHelper.RemoveFocusControl()
  • Fixed a bug where the instance creater window would list unassignable types. Bitbucket issue 249.