Odin Inspector Version


  • 75% of all members and classes are now documented inline
  • Added [SuppressInvalidAttributeError] attribute
  • Added delayed drawers for many more types.
  • Added Odin Inspector logo to the about window.


  • Invalid attribute error no longer appears for dictionary keys
  • All dictionary key types are now drawn with delayed drawers.
  • Fixed an error where InlineEditors would destroy some click events if expanded.
  • Fixed a potential error where dragging list items would not work.
  • Fixed issue with quaternion angle axis and indenting.
  • SirenixEditorGUI.DynamicPrimitiveField no longer incorrectly clamps values.
  • Odin now correctly guesses that Unity will not serialize non-Unity-object fields of the same type as the declaring type.
  • Scene Validator now actually only runs validation on types that Odin is configured to draw.
  • Fixed rare case where FormatterLocator made illegal Unity API calls when type load exceptions occurred during editor initialization.
  • AssemblyGenerator now handles missing assemblies better.
  • Fixed an issue where drop zones inside dragging elements was valid.
  • Fixed build error caused by a demo script.


  • InlineEditor now draws preview for GameObjects by default
  • Renamed isFolded parameter in Foldout method to isVisible, to convey the meaning of the state.
  • Renamed GlobalConfigWindow to SirenixPreferencesWindow.
  • Renamed OdinInspectorPreferences to OdinInspectorAboutWindow.
  • Renamed GetContainedType to GetReturnType
  • InspectorTypeDrawingConfig.GetDefaultEditorType now returns null for types that Odin cannot draw.