Odin Inspector Version


  • Added "Odin Attributes Overview" scene; a scene which contains examples of how to use all of Odin's attributes.
  • Added SirenixEditorFields.
  • Added the TabGroup attribute.
  • Added the ColorPalette attribute.


  • Fixed an issue that caused a stack overflow when drawing a single property with multiple instances of the same attribute drawn by an attribute drawer with the DrawProperty behaviour.
  • Fixed an issue where the menu text in the Odin Preferences window would be cut off in some projects.
  • Fixed an issue where all drawn properties had unintended padding beneath them.
  • Fixed an issue where ValidateInput did nothing if no message was specified.
  • Fixed various spelling errors.


  • TitleAttribute no longer applies to list elements.
  • Demo folder is now located inside the Odin Inspector folder.