Stay on top of your data as your project grows

What is Odin Validator?

Making sure everyone on your team sets up your data correctly when working directly with assets is made easy using the live input validation features that Odin Inspector provides. However, sometimes, warning messages get ignored, assets get deleted, requirements change, and data is made obsolete as your project grows. Slowly bugs, errors, and faulty data creep in as work progresses. Manually going through your entire project to find and correct issues can quickly grow to be an insurmountable task.

Using the Odin Project Validator, you can easily scan your entire project for warnings and errors, and fix them inline right from the validator. The validator handles scene switching and saving as you work, letting you quickly and freely navigate between all issues with no hassle and no delay.

Extendible, customizable, and can be run from anywhere with a single API call!

Automated Validation

Easily automate running hand-picked validation profiles on build, on play, on project startup or from your build server.

Straight-forward API

Invoke the validator API manually, for example as part of your custom scripted build pipeline. Run entire profiles that scan multiple scenes and thousands of assets, and get their validation results immediately, in a single API call.

Extendible Validation System

Create your own custom validators for anything imaginable. Want the names of all root game objects in your scenes to start with "_Root", or want all strings in the project to contain the word "supercalifragilisticexpialidocious"? Anything is possible!

Customizable Validation Profiles

Easily set up custom validation profiles using our set of pre-built, richly configurable profile types, or write your entirely own validation profile logic to suit your project's particular needs.

Smart Overview

Search, filter, sort and order scan results to get the perspective you need. The validator handles scene switching and saving as you select individual items, letting you easily and freely navigate between all issues with no hassle and no delay.

High Performance

The validator scans the project as quickly as Unity is able to load assets from the database. Navigate thousands of validation results in the overview with zero lag.

How it works

Apply your attributes, run a scan, and enjoy your new, faster and more reliable workflow.

public class MyComponent : MonoBehaviour
    public string Name;

    [AssetsOnly, AssetSelector, Required]
    public GameObject Prefab;

    [ChildGameObjectsOnly, Required]
    public GameObject Child;

    [ValidateInput("@OddNumber % 2 == 1", "@OddNumber + \" is too normal!\"")]
    public int OddNumber;

Read some of our tutorials to learn more

Getting Started with Odin Project Validator

To get started with Odin Validation and run a validation profile, go to Tools > Odin Project Validator, select a profile to run, and click the green "Run X" button in the top right, where X is the name of the profile. Click the button below to learn more.

Learn More

Creating Custom Validators

It is very easy to both add your own validation attributes, or to create general project-wide validation rules that apply regardless of attributes, by creating your own custom validators. Click the button below to learn more.

Learn More

Running a Validation Profile from code

The first step in running a validation profile is getting or creating the validation profile we want to run. We can eiter instantiate validation profiles and configure them manually, or load them from the asset database. Click the button below to learn more.

Learn More

Project validation automation

Use the automation system to easily and naturally integrate validation into your day-to-day workflow. You can easily extend it, customize it and decide how errors and warnings should be reported.

  • Validate when creating a build, and stop the build if validation fails
  • Validate when entering play mode, and prevent playing if validation fails
  • Validate when your project starts up
  • Run any validation profile with a single API call in your custom pipeline.