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Each plan contains all features of Odin Inspector

80+ New Attributes

Use Odin's battle-tested set of attributes to effortlessly create and customize your own inspectors.

Odin Editor Windows

Design your custom editor windows like your custom inspectors, using Odin's proven attribute-based design paradigm.

Input Validation

Specify valid data constraints such as non-nullability, or write entirely custom input validation logic with attributes.

Serialize Anything

Serialize and edit dictionaries, 2D arrays, hashsets, linked lists, interfaces, generics and delegates.

Extendible Drawer System

Use Odin's powerful, extendible drawing engine to add your own touch to the pre-existing editor kit.

Show Static Members

Show static members inline in your inspector, integrated and styled as naturally as any other inspector value.

Static Inspector

Make debugging easier than ever by selecting any type in the Static Inspector window to view, modify and invoke its static fields, properties and methods.

Generated AOT Support

Gain Odin serialization's features and performance even on AOT/IL2CPP platforms using Odin's build-time AOT scan and support generation.

Color Palettes

Assist or enforce style and color consistency across your project by defining custom color palettes.

Tabulate Your Data

Apply [TableList] to any ordered collection to view its data in a compact, comprehensible table column/row format.

Powerful Lists

All lists and arrays are now fully customizable with [ListDrawerSettings], and feature drag-and-drop reordering, paging and much more by default.

Attribute Processors

Automate project-wide attribute styling with Attribute Processors; this even lets you put attributes on members you don't own the code for.

Attribute Expressions

Code smart, custom behaviour directly in attribute declarations to minimize the amount of clutter in your code-base.

Built-in Attribute Overview

Looking for a specific attribute? No need to go online or import demo scenes; Odin contains an interactive, searchable overview of all attributes it has to offer.

View Any Data

Display and integrate any data in the inspector; you can even extend Odin's understanding of complex data and collection types using custom Property Resolvers.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Premium live support?

Premium live support means gaining access to the prioritized Premium Support Discord channel. In this channel you can chat directly with the development team, and the team will prioritize answering all questions and queries in a timely manner.

What if I already own Odin on the Asset Store?

If you already own Odin on Unity's Asset Store, you can click here to register your license. If you have bought Odin Inspector prior to 28-05-2019, you will continue to have source code access, and you will also get the Project Validator add-on for free.

What happens if I cancel my Professional subscription?

If you cancel your subscription within the first year, you will stop receiving future updates for Odin after the year is through, but you will still be able to download older versions. If you have been subscribed for more than a year, you will permanently own all products included in your subscription, including all addons available at the time, but you will no longer have access to our Priority Premium Support service.

Will I get all future versions?

With the Commercial license, you will receive all future updates to the base Odin Inspector product forever. If you've been subscribed to the Professional license for more than a year, you will continue receiving updates for all products included in the subscription. You will not receive new addons that may be added to the Professional subscription in the future unless you're still actively subscribed.

What is the difference between buying Odin here or on the Unity Asset Store?

First of all, you will be support us more directly (thank you!) if you buy from our store. But there are also direct benefits for you, such as guaranteed and easy access to the latest beta and alpha releases of Odin, and full control over your license, making it easier than ever to assign licenses to your team members. Lastly, the Professional Odin license will only be sold here on our website, and comes with premium support and access to all paid Odin Inspector addons.

Is the source-code available for the Project Validator addon?

Yes, the Project Validator addon comes with full source-code access. Nothing is pre-compiled into DLL files, which means you have full control and can even manually expand the tool if you want to.

Do you offer refunds?

Refunds are handled on a case-by-case basis. If you've purchased Odin by accident, or have found that you can't use it, then Contact us here and we'll figure something out.

How many licenses will I need for my team?

Odin Inspector is sold as a per-seat license, meaning you need a license for every person working with the Unity Editor on a project that has Odin included.

Will Odin Project Validator become available on the Asset Store?

We don't currently have any short-term plans to publish Odin Project Validator on the Asset Store.

How can I upgrade from Odin Inspector Commercial to Odin Inspector Professional

We're working on it!

Still have questions?

We're happy to help! You can get in touch with us from here.