Download Odin Inspector

Odin Inspector

Odin Inspector 2.1.3.unitypackage (2774 kb)

The recommended version of Odin to download. It is compiled into DLL files in release mode and is therefore 20% faster in the editor than using the source-code version. It's also the only package that doesn't require you to handle import settings manually when using the Odin Serializer and building to AOT platforms.

Odin Project Validator

Odin Validator DLL 2.1.3.unitypackage (23 kb)

Get an easy, centralized overview over data entry and configuration validity in your entire project. Automate validation scans with the event hooking system. Read more.

Requires Odin Inspector 2.1 or above.

Odin Inspector Source Code

Odin Inspector Source Code 2.1.3.unitypackage (2167 kb)

This package is preconfigured with Assembly Definition files and should work out of the box with Unity 2017 and above. Be aware that the pre-compiled versions of Odin will perform a lot better during in-editor development, as even the editor dlls are compiled in release mode.

Odin Inspector Editor Only

Odin Inspector Editor Only 2.1.3.unitypackage (2277 kb)

Editor Only mode contains fewer dll files and will import a little faster. You can read more about Odin's Editor Only mode here.